There are many gaming mice in the market today, so if you’re looking for a bit more variety, Logitech is more than happy to oblige as the company has recently announced its latest gaming mouse in the form of the Logitech G PRO wireless gaming mouse. As the name suggests, this will be a wireless gaming mouse with a rather simplistic design.

One of the problems with gaming mice design is that many of them tend to be garish in terms of design with too many lights and buttons. However the G PRO seems to be simplifying that with a simple-looking design, where on the surface save for the “G” logo, you might not think that this is a gaming mouse.

However don’t let appearances fool you because under the hood, the G PRO appears to be quite a beast in terms of specs. We’re looking at the use of the HERO 16K sensor and the use of Logitech’s G LIGHTSPEED wireless technology with a response time of 1ms. It also weighs in at 80g making it one of the lighter gaming mice around, and the fact that it is wireless means that taking it with you on the go should not be an issue.

The mouse will also feature multiple buttons that users can assign to different functions in the game. Unfortunately in terms of pricing, the G PRO wireless is one of the more expensive options we’ve seen to date where it is priced at $150, but if you think you can justify paying for it then head on over to Logitech’s website for the details.

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