NVIDIA hinted earlier this week that it may announce a new set of graphics cards at Gamescom. A new report brings us the purported GeForce RTX 2080 specs, which if accurate, will certainly appeal to gamers. The report also mentions that NVIDIA won’t just be unveiling the RTX 2080 at the event, it will also unveil the high-performance RTX 2080 ti variant at the same time.


NVIDIA normally separates the launch of the base and Ti variants of its graphics cards by a few months but it’s interesting to see that it might be considering a combined launch of the two for the RTX 2080.

The RTX 2080 Ti specs, according to VideoCardz.com, include 4,352 CUDA cores with 11GB of 352 bit memory. It will have a total bandwidth of 616 GB/s. That’s quite an improvement compared to the 3,584 CUDA cores and 11GB of 352 bit memory at 484 GB/s of the 1080 Ti.

As far as the RTX 2080 specs are concerned, it may feature 2,944 CUDA cores with 8GB of 256 bit memory at 448 GB/s. That’s an improvement compared to the GTX 1080 with its 2,560 CUDA cores, 8GB 256 bit memory at 352 GB/s.

Both of these models are likely to be based on NVIDIA’s new Turing GPU architecture that the company has already announced. The Turing architecture brings new capabilities such as advanced AI, hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing, and more.

No word as yet on the pricing and availability of these cards. NVIDIA’s Gamescom event will start at 1 pm ET on August 20th.

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