Due to certain apps having huge file sizes, it was understandable that companies such as Apple and Google placed some restrictions on file downloads over cellular networks. This has improved over the years, and now as spotted by Android Police, it seems that Google is giving users more options now.


As you can see in the screenshot above, Android users now have the option of choosing which network they want to use when downloading apps from the Play Store. For example they can select WiFi only, or they can opt to use any network that they are on, which includes cellular networks.

Google makes a note that says that charges may apply for those who have data caps and might be hit with overages if they go over their limit, although to be fair a lot of carriers these days are offering users more data than they need, along with unlimited plans. There is also the option to disable these prompts, meaning that when you set it once, you won’t have to worry about it again.

However for those who might appreciate these prompts, especially when roaming, you can enable that as well. These changes should be live so if you are an Android user who wants more freedom when it comes to downloading apps, do keep an eye out for these settings.

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