It was reported a couple of days ago that Battlefield V might support NVIDIA’s RTX Ray Tracing technology. It’s the new real-time cinematic quality rendering technique that NVIDIA introduced at GDC several weeks ago. Some leaked footage from the Battlefield V alpha has added fuel to the fire as it apparently shows Raytraced footage powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card.


This Battlefield V footage is backed up by NVIDIA’s Raytracing technology at 1080p unsampled. It looks amazing as one would expect, given all the hype that’s surrounding NVIDIA’s new technology, even though the video appears to be badly compressed.

The RTX Ray Tracing technology is powered by film quality algorithms and new GameWorks SDK modules. It will let developers ray trace ambient occlusion effects, glossy reflections, and shadows in their engines and games. They will thus be able to create film quality, physically-accurate scenes with lighting, shadows, and reflections.

Despite the bad compression, the difference in lighting quality is clear as day. The reflections are smoother and feel more natural. All of this is only possible with NVIDIA’s RTX GPU series which have a raytracing core that’s capable of ramping up raytracing performance quite a bit.

There’s still no official confirmation as yet from Battlefield V developer DICE as yet that the title will support NVIDIA’s RTX Ray Tracing technology, but this leaked footage leaves little to the imagination now.

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