The PlayStation 4 has been a monumental success for Sony. The Japanese conglomerate has also sold a lot of consoles combined ever since it got into the PlayStation business back in 1994. It recently crossed a major milestone, Sony has sold more than 500 million consoles in this period. It’s celebrating this major milestone by launching a limited edition 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro.

The limited edition console doesn’t just have a 2TB drive as the standout feature. It also comes with a striking translucent dark blue case. Sony is going to make 50,000 units of this limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro so getting your hands on one may not be too difficult.

The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro will ship with a similarly translucent blue DualShock 4 controller, headset, and stand. A PlayStation Camera is included in the bundle as well but it’s not blue.

The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro is going to be sold for $499. The company is asking $100 more than what it normally does for the PS4 Pro. That money is put towards the 2TB hard drive that’s twice as big as the 1TB drive that ships with the regular PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony has confirmed that it’s going to start selling this limited edition console on August 24th online. It will be available from select retail stores early next month.

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