Our team is excited to introduce Ubergizmo Japan. Most people associate Japan with technology and innovation, and we totally agree! We also have admiration and curiosity for unique Japanese products and technology, and we couldn’t be happier to see Ubergizmo in Japanese.

This newest Ubergizmo franchise will be operated from Tokyo/Nagoya by tCreation, a Japanese publisher with whom we share the same passion for technology. We are very excited about this partnership and the ability to expand our coverage to a new audience. Our franchisees can leverage and benefit from our existing content and assets while having the editorial freedom they want.

“We have been watching the fast-growing readership and the quality of coverage from Ubergizmo. They have a long been one of the few US publishers to cover technology innovation in Japan and across Asia,” said Masami Hamasaki, President of t Creation. “We are excited to help them deepen that coverage in Japan and reach new audiences with localized content.” (Read the Japanese press release).

Ubergizmo already has four franchises in Europe, with France and Germany being the most popular on that continent, ahead of Italy and Spain. We can’t wait to tell you what’s coming next!

Ubergizmo co-founders Eliane Fiolet and Hubert Nguyen have visited Japan since 2005, scoring the first western media ”hands-on” of the Casio GzOne, a rugged handset that pioneered the waterproof and shock-resistant consumer phone market, more than 10 years before the first waterproof iPhone.

In 2009, we increased our Japanese tech news coverage through events such as CEATEC/Japan, often nicknamed the “Japanese CES.” In 2012, Ubergizmo went from covering the event to joining the jury of the “CEATEC Awards as Selected by U.S journalists,” with Hubert Nguyen serving as its President from 2015 to 2017.

Without a doubt, we are now obligated to visit Japan even more often to collaborate with our local partners and keep up to date with world-class technologies in IoT, robotics, renewable energy, and smart cities.

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