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People visiting a Russian cemetery were taken by surprise when they saw a unique headstone that’s not something that you would expect to see in that place. The headstone is in the shape of an iPhone and it’s 5 feet tall, towering over all of the surrounding headstones and prominently immortalizing the woman who rests there.

It’s made out of a black stone and has white highlights. It’s not just the headstone that’s shaped like an iPhone, complete with the home button, earphone speaker, volume buttons, and even the Apple logo at the back. It has an image of the deceased, 25-year old Rita Shameeva, in the screen area at the front.

The Mirror reports that this headstone was erected earlier this year to commemorate the passing of Shameeva who reportedly passed away in January 2016 due to unknown causes. Such headstones are obviously not a common choice so this was a unique site for people visiting the cemetery. It’s unclear where this headstone came from but it’s believed to have been sourced from a Siberian company that specializes in “death accessories.”

“I thought I was having hallucinations. How can an American smartphone suddenly appear at our cemetery? And such a big one?,” remarked one visitor to a local news outlet.

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