There are all kinds of gamers out there, such as those with disabilities. This means that sometimes there are certain features of a game that will be hard for gamers to enjoy. The good news is that if you’re colorblind and you play Overwatch, you might be excited to learn that Blizzard has announced that they are testing out a colorblind option in the game.

According to Blizzard, “Customize how team colors are displayed in your UI (e.g. nameplates, HUD, health bars) and hero outlines with a set of nine different colorblind-friendly colors to choose from. You choose to colorize enemy and friendly UI separately as well. These options can be found under Options > Video > Color Blind Options. All changes made will be saved and ready for you to see in the next match you play!”

However take note that the colorblind option is only available via the PTR at the moment. For those unfamiliar, the PTR is where Blizzard tests out new features and patches ahead of its release to the main game. This means that it could be a while before it is made available, but the good news is that it is being worked on.

Now Blizzard isn’t the first or only company to try and include features aimed at players with disabilities. Earlier this year Microsoft announced a new Adaptive Controller that was aimed at players who might be differently abled.

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