The Galaxy S10 is widely believed to be Samsung’s first flagship smartphone with a display-based fingerprint sensor. Recent reports have suggested that the company will opt for Qualcomm’s third-generation in-display fingerprint sensor. A new rumor has surfaced now which suggests that Samsung may not completely get rid of the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor on its next flagship.

Samsung moved the fingerprint sensor to the back with the Galaxy S8 and that’s where it has been ever since on its flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S10 is expected to change that as it’s believed to be the company’s first flagship with a display-based fingerprint sensor.

The Korean giant is late to the party as multiple Chinese manufacturers have already released devices with display-based fingerprint sensors. It’s now expected to launch a separate device even before the Galaxy S10 in China which would bring an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The rumor claims that Samsung is testing the Galaxy S10 with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor as well. If that’s accurate, it could suggest that at least one of three expected models of the new flagship won’t feature the in-display sensor.

It’s within the realm of possibility as the three models are expected to feature one entry-level Galaxy S10 with lower specs and a more affordable price tag. If that is indeed the case then this particular model could be the one which doesn’t get the display-based fingerprint sensor.

Samsung won’t be unveiling the Galaxy S10 until next year so take this information with a grain of salt for now.

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