The way we browse the web on our phones versus on our computers are different. This is because our phones are designed differently, such as being smaller, and also running on different hardware, and also generally relying on touch input as its main input as opposed to using a keyboard and mouse.

For those who feel that maybe web browsing on mobile could stand to do with some improvements, it seems that’s what Google thinks as it appears that the company is working on a project called Portals that could change how we surf the web on our phones. The project is led by Kenji Baheux who is a Product Manager at Google, where the goal of Portals is try and create websites that will allow users to seamlessly navigate from one page to another using gestures, which hopefully will cut down time spent waiting for websites to load.

This is particularly important because as Amazon had said in the past, a page load slowdown of even 1 second could cost the company as much as $1.6 billion in sales each year, so it is obvious that the speed of which pages load is very critical, especially to retailers where users might simply hop onto a different and faster retailer for their needs.

That being said, don’t get your hopes up of seeing Portal launch anytime soon as it seems to be in proposal mode at the moment. It is also is still a bit unclear as to how different this will be from regular browsing, but if you’re interested you can find more information about the project on Github.

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