It was reported recently that Huawei is thinking about launching a foldable smartphone as well. This wasn’t surprising given that the pace at which the company has been bringing new mobile technology to market, it was only a matter of time before it developed a foldable smartphone as well. A Huawei executive has revealed that the company’s first 5G smartphone is actually going to have a foldable display.


Ken Hu, Huawei’s rotating chairman and deputy chairman of the board revealed during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum that the company is going to launch its first 5G smartphone in mid-2019 and that it’s going to have a foldable display.

“In our first [5G] smartphone we’re going to introduce a foldable screen,” he said during the panel discussion which was about the benefits of 5G in the short term. He was slim on the details about this device but he did go on to extol the virtues of 5G and what the next generation mobile technology would mean for the industry at large.

Carriers in a few markets are due to fire up their consumer 5G networks next year. Huawei will be one of the few companies who release 5G compatible smartphones in 2019.

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