Jaguar And Land Rover are embracing the two major in-car mobile OS-based infotainment platforms. They have confirmed that Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will soon be offered in both new and existing vehicles for customers in the United States. A spokesperson for the brands has confirmed that this will be the case from the 2019 model year going forward.

The confirmation was provided by the brands to Macrumors. The spokesperson added that all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles that come off the production line with the InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems will be compatible with an optional connectivity package which would enable CarPlay and Android Auto support.

Support for these platforms will be an optional installation in new vehicles either at the port-of-entry or the factory itself. It will cost customers $280 and up depending on the model and trim level.

Existing Jaguar and Land Rover owners with vehicles that also have the aforementioned infotainment systems will be able to get CarPlay and Android Auto functionality as well through a retroactive update available via authorized dealerships in the country. The U.S. isn’t the first market where this retroactive update is being rolled out. Select Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have already received it in the United Kingdom.

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