Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, didn’t allow subscribers to download games before but that’s going to change now. Sony is finally enabling game downloads for PlayStation Now subscribers. This subscription service allowed members to stream titles from the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 4. Sony has now confirmed that subscribers will soon be able to download these titles so that they can play them offline as well.

This wasn’t popular before. An internet connection was required at all times to continue streaming games from PlayStation Now. So even if members were paying monthly for the service and didn’t have an internet connection, they couldn’t take advantage of PlayStation Now.

Sony says that almost all PlayStation 4 games available on PS Now will support downloads in addition to all PS2 games. It hasn’t confirmed if the same feature will be available for PS3 titles.

Members will have the ability to transfer game save data from the cloud to the console so that they can pick up right where they left off even when there’s no internet. However, they will have to connect their PS4 console to the internet once every few days to verify their PS Now subscription even if they’re only playing downloaded games.

The PlayStation Now PS4 download features will be available to all members at no additional charge.

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