The PlayStation Now game streaming service allows subscribers to stream hundreds of PlayStation 3 games on their PS4 and PC. There are 483 games to be precise that are currently on this service but all of them are PS3 titles. If you’ve been waiting for PS4 games on PlayStation Now then your wait is about to end soon. Sony has confirmed that PS4 games on PlayStation Now are coming soon.

Sony has confirmed today that later this year PlayStation Now is going to get support for PlayStation 4 games. It also added that all of the games in the service, including PS4 games, will be included as part of a single PS Now subscription so there won’t be an extra charge if you want to stream PS4 games.

The company further confirmed that it’s going to start a private test with PS4 games on PlayStation Now in the next few weeks. Active PlayStation Now subscribers should keep an eye on their email in case they receive an invitation from Sony.

What this means is that later this year you might find yourself playing games that have only been released for the PlayStation 4 on your Windows PC. Since PS Now uses cloud saves, you can even start a game on PlayStation 4 and continue playing it from right where you left off on the Windows PC. This will work the other way around as well.

Sony is yet to confirm precisely when PlayStation 4 games will finally be available on PlayStation Now.

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