If you have been waiting for the Mega Drive Mini from Sega then there’s some bad news. You’re going to have to wait for it a little bit longer. The company has officially confirmed through its Twitter account that the global release of the Mega Drive Mini has been delayed to 2019. The Mega Drive Mini is a miniature version of its classic console which was expected to be widely released this year.

It’s not uncommon for these companies to launch such mini consoles as they’re tapping into nostalgia and it certainly appears to be working. Sony itself has announced a miniature version of the PlayStation 1. It’s called the PlayStation Classic and will ship with 20 “genre-defining” titles. It will be released this December for $99.

Sega was originally supposed to release it to commemorate the console’s 30th anniversary in Japan. It hasn’t said when the Mega Drive Mini would be released in other markets across the globe. The company confirmed today that this miniature console will be released as the Mega Drive Mini in Japan and Europe. It will be called the Genesis Mini in North America.

The company further said that it’s working with a developer in Japan to go through the design and software for this console once again. It hasn’t been confirmed if AtGames, the U.S.-based developer behind the Genesis Flashback, is not involved with this project any longer.

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