What would you do to keep kids off your lawn? A Virginia man decided to take this a bit too literally when he installed an electric fence near a school bus stop to prevent kids from waiting for the bus on his lawn. Bryan Tucker says that he put the fence because he had trouble last year with kids that littered and trespassed on his property.


Speaking to CNN affiliate WTVR, Tucker said that “I pick up trash every day,” adding that the kids don’t respect other peoples’ land. Prior to putting up the electric fence, he had “No Trespassing” signs posted on his property for years but they didn’t do much to deter the kids from hanging out on his lawn.

The electric fence is connected to a solar powered battery and is positioned about a foot away from the street on Tucker’s corner lot in Henrico County. His neighbors were surprised to find out that an electric fence had been installed to keep the kids at bay.

While they acknowledged his point of view, they also expressed concern that any one of the kids could touch the electric fence and get shocked. The police were called and it was discovered that the fence was actually in the county’s right of way. Tucker has taken it down but county officials told CNN that he’s within his rights to put it back up along his property line.

For his part, Tucker hopes that he doesn’t have to do that given that “The point’s gotten across.”

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