If you have been excited to pick up AMD’s second-generation processors but didn’t really feel the need for the 32 core model then you’re going to like this. The company has announced that it’s going to launch 12 core and 24 core Threadripper 2 models later this month. They won’t be budget processors by any stretch of the imagination but it would certainly be better than going all out on the 32 core model.

The 12 core Threadripper 2920X and 24 core 2970WX processors will be launched on October 29th for $649 and $1,299 respectively. They will thus be a good option for customers looking for the second-generation Threadripper chips but don’t want to spend additional money for the 32 core model.

The 2920X has the same base 3.5 GHz clock speed as the 16 core 2950X with 32MB of Level 3 cache and 180W thermal design power. Only the core count and boost clock have been lowered. The 2970WX has a 3GHz base speed with 64MB Level 3 cache and 250W TDP. It can thus be viewed a scaled back version of the 32 more Threadripper 2 model.

The 2970WX is more geared towards extreme workstations while the 2920X is meant for high-end desktops. They will be available for purchase globally come October 29th at the aforementioned prices.

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