Amazon is gradually expanding its cashier-less Amazon Go stores across the country after successfully opening a pilot location in Seattle. It’s the third city where the company has launched a store after the earlier ones in Seattle and Chicago. It’s located at the corners of California and Battery in the financial district of San Francisco.

The Amazon Go store in San Francisco primarily offers snacks, prepared food, drinks, and more. It reinvents the checkout process which is the entire premise of Amazon Go. There are no checkout lines and cashiers.

You use the Go app on your smartphone to check into the store when you enter. Cameras and sensors then track you as you take stuff off shelves. Once you have everything you need simply walk out of the store. The items will be billed to your Amazon account automatically.

The store has a full kitchen in the back where fresh items are made. The items that the staff makes include sushi, salads, sandwiches, and more. Think of this Amazon Go location as a more advanced convenience store, like your 7-Eleven of the future.

Amazon hasn’t said as yet how quickly it’s going to expand these stores across the country but reports suggest that they may umber in thousands by the next three years.

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