Several BlizzCons have come and go without much Diablo news shared. However it seems that this could be the year we see some major Diablo reveal, or at least that’s what some are speculating based on the floor layout for BlizzCon 2018 where it seems to suggest that Blizzard has some big news to share.

Basically instead of a small Diablo booth which was last year’s BlizzCon, this year Blizzard seems to have allocated a larger space for Diablo. There is also a blank space on the showfloor map next to the Diablo 3 section, which has led to speculation that Blizzard could be reserving that space for Diablo 4 or some kind of major Diablo announcement.

It is possible that this could simply be nothing, but given that it has been a while since we’ve seen major Diablo content (the last was the Rise of the Necromancer DLC), we suppose it does seem like a good time to announce something new. We’re not sure if an expansion will cut it given how many years it has been since the last release, so maybe Diablo 4 would make more sense.

That being said, announcing Diablo 4 now would be a bit strange. Blizzard will be releasing Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch next month, so announcing Diablo 4 might deter gamers from purchasing it (unless the game is released later), but either way it’s just speculation for now but check back with us during BlizzCon 2018 for more details.

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