Netflix has been heavily pouring money in its original content efforts and it appears that the streaming service is now going to focus on projects that will enable viewers to control the storyline’s progress in TV shows and movies. This effort will include an upcoming episode of the popular dystopian sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror. It’s basically going to be a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure kind of an episode where viewers will be able to influence the storyline.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix is planning to release the first of these projects before the end of this year. The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Black Mirror episode just might be the first of Netflix’s projects based on this strategy. The fifth season of this popular show which explores the social implications of technology is due to arrive later this year in December.

Netflix will essentially be blending elements of video games with television. That’s not something that has been done a lot but credit is due for Netflix which has played a major role in changing the way television content was previously viewed.

The report mentions that in addition to this Black Mirror episode, Netflix is close to a deal for at least one more live-action project and it’s also negotiating the rights to others. Two of the projects are said to be adaptations of video games.

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