Discord is a popular platform these days for gamers to get together to chat about their favorite games. It is also where guilds can organize raids and communicate with each other, but Discord is hoping to be more than that. Recently the company has announced that their in-app store is now open to all.

The store had previously launched in August but it was not available to all, but Discord’s latest announcement confirms that it is. However Discord is still referring to their store as beta, which means that they’re still not 100% done just yet, so if you encounter any issues don’t be surprised, but it seems that for the most part it is ready to go.

According to Discord, “We’ve slaved over hot stoves. We’ve travelled the world. We’ve explored sunken ships, and we’ve returned with something we think you’ll love. We want to make it easier for you to find games to play with your friends. Our curated selection, editorialized content, and surfacing of social information should help you figure out which games are right for you. No need to browse endless lists of anime titles — we make it easy to find something great to play.”

Some have pointed out that Discord seems to be interested in taking on platforms such as Steam which has more or less been the default platform for buying games. Discord does have a slight advantage where they are popular amongst gamers for communication, so if gamers can use a single app to buy games, play them, and chat, why not, right? Whether or not they’ll succeed in competing with Steam remains to be seen, but the store is live for those who wish to check it out.

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