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Google is believed to be working on a Chrome OS-powered tablet/convertible hybrid. It may launch this device as the Google Pixel Slate. A new report suggests that this device could have Windows 10 support as well. This means that it would be possible for users to dual boot the device in either operating system and when required.

A Chromium commit has been discovered which appears to indicate the possibility that it would be possible to dual boot Windows 10 on this device. An important distinction to be made here is that this commit far from confirms that the device will come with Windows 10 support out of the box.

That may very well happen but it’s far from confirmed at this point in time. What it does suggest that even if the device doesn’t have Windows 10 support at launch, the Google Pixel Slate might get it at some point in the future.

This device will thus give users who have been apprehensive about shifting to Chrome OS the perfect opportunity to do so. If they feel that they can’t rely on Chrome OS to do what they need to do then they would always have the option to run Windows 10 on the same device.

The Google Pixel Slate is expected to be unveiled on October 9th alongside the company’s new flagship smartphones.

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