The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is set for a release in 2019, marking the end of the series. Now we’re sure that there are many fans out there who are probably already planning parties to celebrate the first episode, and also the release of the last episode, and the good news is that Johnnie Walker might be able to help.

The whiskey company has announced their plans to launch a Game of Thrones inspired drink, which in case wasn’t already obvious, will be called the White Walker, a very clever play on the brand’s name that also references the show. We’re not sure how it will taste like, but apparently this will be a new blend so don’t think that it is simply a rebranding of the company’s existing lineup.

It will also be released this coming fall which is way before the final season begins airing, but hey, if you like collecting things and maybe keep one around as a keepsake to remember the final season by, it could be worth checking out. There is also no mention if this will be a limited release, but we imagine that it probably won’t be part of the company’s main lineup. There’s also no word on cost but hopefully it won’t be reaching Blue Label prices!

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