Lyft began experimenting with monthly subscription plans for riders earlier this year and the ride-sharing company today announced that it’s now making them available nationwide to all users. Lyft’s “All-Access Pass” will provide riders with a set number of rides every month for a fixed amount.

The Lyft All-Access Pass is priced at $299. Those who buy one will get 30 rides per month that cost up to $15 each. If a ride ends up costing more than $15 the rider will then have to pay the difference. Subscribers will get 5 percent off additional rides for a limited time.

There would be nothing different about Lyft rides taken using the pass other than the pricing structure. It’s the same Lyft experience that user are well accustomed to. What they only need to keep in mind is that if any one of their 30 rides for the month costs more than $15 then they will have to pay the difference for that ride.

The pass applies to some of the options offered by Lyft such as carpooling and single passenger trips. It does not apply to bikes and scooters right now. Unused rides are not rolled over so if you won’t use the entire quota in one month you won’t see the remaining rides being added to the following month.

“This is the first step toward delivering on our goal of making car ownership optional,” Lyft said in a blog post. Interested users can now sign up for the All-Access Pass.

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