The Pokemon series has always been known for its bright, colorful, and cartoony characters. However sometimes a bit of change isn’t a bad thing, and sometimes it works out really well, such as with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that definitely changed many perceptions of the series.


It seems that the folks at Game Freak were experimenting with something similar with the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go series. Speaking to IGN in an interview, lead game environment designer Kensaku Nabana revealed that they had initially experimented with a new photorealistic style for the game.

According to Nabana, “But we got the direction from Masuda, just like he just mentioned a moment ago, to go for this more kind and soothing and inviting experience with the visuals. After some experimentation, we just realized the more realistic, more photorealistic direction just wasn’t really working for what we were trying to do.”

The series, according to the game’s director Junichi Masuda, was designed to be a relaxing game played at home with family around. “We imagined it would be in more of a home setting, where there’s kids and parents and siblings. We really wanted to, at least for this first game, make the visuals as well as the audio just feel kind and inviting, not intimidating at all. So even for the music side, we’ve used more aggressive rock or techno styles in the previous games. We purposefully avoided those in this game just to make it really a warm and inviting experience.”

Pokemon: Let’s Go is expected to be released next month where it will be available in two versions: one version with Pikachu and the other with Eevee as starter Pokemons.

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