A glitch has been discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2, the game that’s breaking records for Rockstar. The glitch can be exploited to amass great wealth in the game. What it does is basically trick the game into thinking that the player hasn’t picked up a gold bar even as it gets added to their inventory over and over again.

Explained on YouTube, the glitch requires players to find the sheriff’s office in the town of Limpany. The desk in this office has a gold bar. The exploit can be leveraged by saving the game at the exact moment Arthur bends to pick it up. Then simply reload the save to have the gold bar added to your inventory repeatedly.

The key here seems to be loading the correct save because reports suggest that loading the wrong save is going to break the glitch so it will no longer be possible to pick up 30 of the gold bars at a time which can be sold for a cash value of $15,000 in the game. That’s a lot of money in a game that takes us back to a time when paper money wasn’t inflated.

It remains to be seen, though, how quickly this exploit will be patched by the developers.

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