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Major tech companies were playing their part in helping people register to vote ahead of the coming elections in the United States. Snap, the maker of Snapchat, also utilized its platform that’s popular with young adults to nudge them in the direction of voter registration. While these efforts may not seem much at first, there are numbers to back them up. Snap has revealed that it has helped 418,000 people register to vote in the United States.


The company told The New York Times that its campaign on Snapchat enabled 418,000 people to register to vote in just two weeks. Most of the registrations came from people in states that are hotly contested such as Ohio, Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

The full effect of this will only be felt once these people actually go out and vote. Snapchat only got them to register to vote. It’s still the responsibility of citizens to do their civic duty and cast their ballot when the day comes. It can obviously not be said for sure just how many of these 418,000 newly registered voters will actually be going out to vote.

Similar efforts have been made by bigger platforms such as Instagram as well. Its numbers are not known but it can reasonably be assumed that these companies have aided a lot of people in getting done with their voter registrations.

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