It was reported earlier this year that Sony might finally allow PlayStation owners to change PSN name. Gamers have longed for this ability but it has never been possible to do this. Sony started surveying users about the possibility of a new feature which would let them change PSN ID. PlayStation owners will now be delighted to hear that Sony is testing out PSN name changes if system software 6.10 preview.

Sony appears to be testing this out with a small group of users it has selected in the UK only so far. Those who get access will be able to use the change PSN ID feature in preview. Sony does have a lot of warnings for those wishing to try this out.

Not all games will support the ID change feature on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and other PlayStation systems. Those who change their IDsm ay lose access to content that they have acquired for their games such as virtual currency and add-ons.

They may even lose progress within games as well as saved and leaderboard data. The change may cause parts of games and apps to not function properly both online and offline. Their previous ID may remain visible to them and other players in some places.

The first ID change will be free for all users while the second change will be charged at £7.99 with a 50 percent discount for PS Plus subscribers. It will be possible to revert to the previous PSN ID once per account during the preview. Switching back to the old ID may not necessarily bring back any old content lost during the switch.

Sony has also confirmed to Polygon that this feature is compatible with PS4 games originally published after April 1st, 2018 and a “large-majority” of titles released before this date. “While there is a possibility that select games may encounter issues when changes are made to a user’s online ID, we expect this to be a small amount of games that are affected,” the representative added.

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