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Offensive PSN IDs Will Be Automatically Replaced By Sony
Sony has finally allowed users to change PlayStation Network IDs, something that has not been possible before even though users had been asking for this ability for years. This means that the company can also do more to prevent hate speech and bad behavior in PSN usernames. To that end, it will now automatically replace PSN IDs that are offensive.

Sony Finally Lets Players Change PSN ID
It was not possible to change your PSN ID for the longest time. If you chose one when you were setting up your account, you had to make do with it, or make an entirely new account. Sony started allowing players to change their ID as part of a beta program back in October last year. It’s now rolling out this ability to all users.

Sony Allows PSN ID Changes In System Software 6.10 Preview
It was reported earlier this year that Sony might finally allow PlayStation owners to change PSN name. Gamers have longed for this ability but it has never been possible to do this. Sony started surveying users about the possibility of a new feature which would let them change PSN ID. PlayStation owners will now be delighted to hear that Sony is testing out PSN name changes if system software 6.10 […]

Sony May Soon Allow PSN Username Changes
It’s not possible to change your PlayStation Network username. If you made one years ago that’s embarrassing for you now then the only option you have left is to ditch that account and make a new one because as it stands, changing PSN usernames is not possible. Sony might finally let you do that, though, if a new report is to be believed.


Sony Might Finally Let You Change PSN Name
Gamers on Sony’s platform have long wished for the ability to change PSN name but the company doesn’t allow them to do that. However, it appears that Sony might be changing its stance on this, or at least thinking about it. The company has started surveying users about the possibility of a new feature that lets them change PSN ID.

PSN Having Issues Once Again
Sony’s PlayStation Network is having issues once again. This is the second time in three days that the service isn’t working as it’s supposed to be. It’s not a complete outage but the issues are widespread enough that there are countless reports online of gamers having difficulties in accessing the PlayStation Network. The PSN status page has also been updated to reflect that gaming and social services are “experiencing issues.”

Unlock PlayStation Trophies And Earn Tiny Amounts Of Real Money
You’ve probably unlocked a ton of PlayStation Network trophies if you play games regularly on your Sony console. It seems that Sony now wants to pay you for unlocking the trophies. Don’t get too excited, though. It will only give players a very small amount of money for unlocking the PSN trophies.

PlayStation Network Accounts Finally Get Two-Factor Authentication
You can never be too sure these days when it comes to online security. Two-factor authentication is a great way to ensure that the risk of your account being compromised is reduced. Since most PlayStation Network members do have their credit cards on file the risk is significant should their account be compromised. Sony has finally enabled two-factor authentication for PlayStation Network accounts.

First PSN Humble Bundle Discounts Capcom Games
Humble Bundle is known for offering great discounts on PC games but it’s now moving towards consoles in a big way and for that purpose, it’s teaming up with Sony and Capcom. The first ever PlayStation Network Humble Bundle has been launched and it provides some great discounts on Capcom games. Customers also have the option to decide how much of their purchase goes into the developer’s pocket and how much is […]

Microsoft Will Let Xbox Gamers Play Against PS4 And PC Gamers Online
Microsoft has made a big announcement today that’s going to impact how Xbox owners play online. The company has hinted at allowing cross-network play and today it has announced just that. Microsoft has confirmed that developers making games for Xbox One and Windows 10 will soon be able to support cross-network play, this means that gamers on Xbox will be able to play online against players on PlayStation 4 and […]

PlayStation Network Down For Some
It appears that Sony has not yet been able to sort out all of the gremlins causing headaches for PlayStation Network users. Early last month the network went down for a few hours and it’s more or less the same story today. Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Network is down for some users who no longer have access to network services, which means they’re locked out of online gaming, user […]

Holiday Outage For PlayStation Network And Xbox Live Threatened Again
If you tried to play games online last year during the holidays you may still remember what you went through. It was an excruciating few days for both Microsoft and Sony as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were hit by DDoS attacks which took the networks down for a couple of days. That particular attack was carried out by a group that calls itself Lizard Squad, it hasn’t made a similar […]

PlayStation Network Goes Down For Maintenance Today
 If you’re unable to access the PlayStation Network today don’t freak out or worry that something bad has happened, Sony has confirmed that it is going to take down the PlayStation Network today for routine maintenance. This is nothing new as the company does this every few months to ensure that all systems continue to run as they should and that there’s no decrease in performance or reliability come what may.

PlayStation Network Will Go Down For Nine Hours On Monday
Don’t get worried when you’re unable to access the PlayStation Network on Monday. PlayStation Network will be down for about nine hours on May 11th as part of a scheduled maintenance. Sony has confirmed that on May 11th the network will be taken down for maintenance and it expects to get everything sorted out within nine hours, though there’s always the possibility that more time could be required if some […]

PlayStation Network Sub-Account Can Now Be Upgraded To Master Account
Sony has often been requested to allow PlayStation Network sub-accounts to be upgraded to master accounts and it has finally come through. PlayStation Network users now have the ability to do this, though only through a PC initially, but Sony has promised that users will be able to do this through a PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Sony Makes Up For 2011 PSN Outage With Cheap Old Games
Over Christmas you might have heard about PlayStation Network troubles but that was nothing compared to what happened back in 2011. Many of you would remember that back then PlayStation Network had been knocked offline for almost a month, and not only that, account information of more than 77 million users had also been compromised. Sony is making up for that ordeal by offering cheap old games and some other […]

PSN Maintenance Scheduled For January 15th
From time to time Sony takes down the PlayStation Network to conduct some maintenance. Whenever maintenance is scheduled the company informs users through different online channels about the time frame during which PSN will remain inaccessible so that they are not caught unaware. It is specially important that users know this now given that in the past couple of months PSN has been down unexpectedly multiple times.

Sony Makes Up For PSN Outage With PS Plus Extension And Discount Code
The Christmas holidays didn’t bring much joy for gamers around the world. Two of the biggest online gaming services, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, were down due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by a group called Lizard Squad. Gamers had to wait for a couple of days for these services to come back online. In order to make it up to everyone who suffered during this time, […]

PS Store Flash And Holiday Sales Extended
Online gaming with a PlayStation or Xbox console was pretty much impossible for the better part of last week as both gaming networks, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, were taken down with a distributed denial of service attack a day before Christmas. The company took a couple of days to get everything sorted and running smoothly, leaving many gamers frustrated. Since then things have been shuffled around to accommodate for […]

PlayStation Network Is Back Online
It was on Christmas Eve when we first reported that online gaming networks of both Sony and Microsoft were under attack. At the time PSN and Xbox Live were restored after a couple of hours but who knew that the attackers won’t sit still over Christmas.Both services were knocked down on Christmas inconveniencing a lot of people who would have wanted to get some good gaming sessions in, it would […]