Amazon Go is the online retail giant’s vision for the retail store of the future. You just scan yourself in when you enter, pick up the things you want, and then exit the store. It’s completely cashier-less. Your purchases are compiled and charged to your credit card on file. As Amazon continues to expand cashier-less stores across the country, others are beginning to take similar steps.

Walmart-owned Sam’s Club recently announced that it will be testing cashier-less payments as well. 7-Eleven, arguably the largest convenience store chain in the world, is now following suit. It’s testing the option to make cashier-less payments at 14 stores in Dallas as part of a new pilot program.

Customers who visit one of these stores will find the “Scan & Pay” option in the Android and iOS 7-Eleven rewards apps. They just have to scan the barcodes of items that they want to buy and then pay directly using their smartphone with a card, Google Pay or Apple Pay, or use rewards points against their purchases.

The pilot supports 14 7-Eleven stores in Dallas currently. There are plans to expand the pilot to more cities next year. Customers will be able to purchase almost anything and go through the cashier-less checkout. The only exceptions are tobacco, alcohol, hot foods, and lottery tickets.

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