While hotels are generally situated in convenient locations, such as in the heart of a city, near public transport, sometimes they don’t necessarily impart the feel of the place you are visiting, plus it can also be expensive. This is where Airbnb comes in, where people who own homes can rent out their homes/rooms as a hotel alternative.

For those who might be particularly adventurous, it seems that in a partnership with what3words (via TechCrunch), Airbnb will now list stays with Mongolia’s nomads. What this means is that if you are traveling to Mongolia and would like to experience what it might be like to live as the nomads do, you will be able to find listings via Airbnb’s platform.

While in the past it was possible to arrange such stays, by going through Airbnb, there is the added benefit of accessibility. The listings on Airbnb are with Dukha reindeer herders where according to the description, it will provide “two wooden beds, sleeping bags and an open-fire stove for heating and cooking, as well as full access to the reindeer tribe’s backyard” in the Taiga forest in Northern Mongolia.

It does sound like quite an adventure because when guests meet their hosts, they are then taken to the mountain camp which can be accessed either via reindeer or horse. If you are thinking of doing something different this holiday, then perhaps this could be an adventure worth checking out.

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