The world is a beautiful place, there are many wondrous sights around us, but yet there are some in this world who are visually impaired and are missing out. However it seems that over the years, we’re starting to see various hi-tech ways of helping those who are visually impaired “see”.


Dubbed “Be My Eyes”, this is an app that will allow users to “lend” their eyes to another person who might be visually impaired. This is all done on a volunteer basis where when someone who needs to use the app does so, it will send a notification to volunteers who can then answer the video call and describe what’s in front/around that person using the caller’s smartphone.

This can be handy if the user needs to check things like expiry date on food, making sure that they have the right amount of money, looking at street signs, or if they are lost and might need some help with directions. So far the app seems to be pretty successful and to date has managed to gather around 1.7 million volunteers, with more than 100,000 blind users using its app.

According to the app’s founder Hans Jørgen Wiberg, the idea behind the app is so that those who are visually impaired won’t have to trouble their neighbors with the small things. For those who are interested to be a volunteer or download the app, head on over to its website for the details.

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