Apple is more than happy to repair your recent products but what about the devices that are vintage or obsolete? It appears that the company is launching a new “Repair Vintage Apple Products Pilot” program through which it will conduct repairs on old devices. The program will cover mobile devices and Macs both.


Apple normally offers repairs for devices up to 7 years after they’re released. Users can get them repaired through its stores or resellers even when they’re out of warranty. It’s only after that time period has passed are the devices then classified as vintage or obsolete. Apple has a list of devices on its website that it classifies as obsolete.

9to5mac reports that the program will first include the iPhone 5 and other Apple products that will soon become obsolete. It will then add support for more products down the road. The list is said to include the iPhone 5, MacBook models from 2012 and iMac models from 2011 at launch. It will later expand the program to cover even older devices like the iPhone 4s and additional MacBook Pro models from 2012.

Apple will reportedly be offering repairs for obsolete devices as part of this program based on part availability. If there are no parts then customers will be informed that repairs won’t be possible on their device due to it being considered vintage or obsolete. The program doesn’t guarantee repairs for older devices rather leaves it up to chance for those looking to get work done on older devices.

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