Rockstar confirmed that Red Dead Online will start opening up to players from today. A leak concerning the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 hints at the battle royale mode which has previously been rumored as well. It’s apparently going to be called Make It Count. The mode will pit 32 players against each other with limited weapons and they have to fight to be the last one standing.


Twitter user illogicalmods dug up this list of mode options for Red Dead Online recently. He previously discovered the campaign-style job missions as well. Many of these revolve around Horley, a new character, and will see players heading to familiar locations from the original Red Dead Redemption title such as Armadillo.

It was first reported earlier this year that Red Dead Online may offer a battle royale mode. The information that’s available about this mode so far suggests that there will be limited weapons and a gameplay circle that shrinks as time passes. 32 players will fight against each other to be the last player standing.

Whether or not the player count increases for this battle royale mode remains to be seen. Rockstar has said that Red Dead Online is being launched in beta for now so it’s quite possible that it may increase the player count down the line.

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