Fallout 76 is out this week and with the game focusing on online and multiplayer and without a single-player story campaign to follow, this means that a lot of the game’s success hinges on what Bethesda can offer to gamers post-launch. For those a bit worried about the game, especially since the Fallout franchise isn’t really known to be a multiplayer kind of game, you can rest assured as Bethesda has plans on what they will do post-launch.

According the folks at Bethesda, they say that they have a planned list of updates that will be coming to the game post-launch. “We have an incredible list of updates we’ve begun work on – from C.A.M.P. building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and much more.”

Like we said, the Fallout franchise has mostly been viewed as a single-player kind of game. With Fallout 76, Bethesda definitely has a new and interesting approach to the series. In a way it’s not surprising that they might be headed this direction, especially with companies such as Rockstar having a lot of success with GTA Online where they can expand on the GTA franchise without necessarily having to develop a brand new game from scratch.

So far initial reviews from the B.E.T.A. of Fallout 76 has been largely positive so it will be exciting to see how the actual game handles once it goes live. Fallout 76 is currently set for a release on the 14th of November where it will be playable on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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