A group of Fallout 76 players ended up crashing the game’s server when they conducted a synchronized triple nuke launch. That was apparently too much to take for the server which ended up buckling. Be warned, though, there are some spoilers ahead if you still haven’t picked up the title.

The group of players who randomly met on Reddit synchronized the launch of three nukes on the map but the server crashed as they neared ground zero. They ended up being kicked from the game. The players had deployed the nukes after defeating the Scorchbeast Queen.

Those who have played the game would be aware that Scorchbeasts are high level enemies that surface after a Fissure Site is nuked. The Queen is a level 95 unit that can be defeated as part of a timed event.

According to reports, the players had played the beta for long enough to access the nuke codes before the game was launched. This enabled them to synchronize a triple nuke strike on the title’s launch day.

Bethesda has rolled out the first major patch for Fallout 76 today. It brings fixes and improvements. The patch might prevent this from happening ever again. It’s pretty likely that many other players will try recreating this by synchronizing nuke launches across the map to see if the patch really does fix it or not.

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