Features like Apple’s Find My iPhone and Google’s Find My Device are great for locating your lost/stolen devices, but the problem is that it only provides a general location of where your device is. This means that if you lost it in a mall or in school, it will show its location at the mall/school, but where exactly it is will be on you to find out for yourself.


However the good news for Android users is that if you lose your phone within a building, it seems that Google has updated its Find My Device with the ability to actually pinpoint where in the building it might be. This is thanks to Google’s work on indoor mapping which now allows them to offer up more accurate information on lost/stolen devices.

However not all buildings will support this update as presumably it will need to have indoor map support to begin with, meaning that if Google Maps does not show indoor maps for that particular building, then you’ll be back to where you were before. According to Google, this should work in airports, malls, and “other large buildings”, but like we said support will vary depending on whether or not indoor maps are supported to begin with, so your mileage may vary.

These changes can be found in the latest update to the Find My Device app, so if you haven’t updated already, head on over to the Play Store to grab the latest update.

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