Google Translate for the web’s design has been more or less the same for the past couple of years, but if you were to surf on over to it today, you will notice that Google has since updated the design of the page with a brand new look that utilizes Google’s material design language to give it a cleaner and more modern look.

For the most part the functionality of the page remains the same, where you can input language from one language and it will translate it into another language of your voice. There is also the added option of uploading documents, so if you have documents that are in another language that might need translating, this could be a more efficient way than having to copy and paste bits of it into the translation app.

This document uploading feature was always available for Google Translate, but now with the change in design, it is easier to find. As 9to5Google points out, the changes also include a responsive design, meaning that depending on the size of your browser window, the UI will shift accordingly, so if you use split view or you just want a smaller Chrome window just to run translations, its UI should match up accordingly.

These changes should already be live so if you were to head on over Google Translate you should be able to see those changes already.

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