Fans of Blizzard’s Hearthstone might be pleased to learn that during BlizzCon 2018, the company officially announced the next expansion in the game in the form of Rastakhan’s Rumble (for those unfamiliar, Rastakhan is the current ruler of the Zandalari Empire and had a key role in the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth expansion as far as the Horde side was concerned.

As expected of this expansion and given its name, Rastakhan’s Rumble will focus on the troll empire. According to Blizzard, “It’s an event like none other! You’ll THRILL to the roar of the crowd and the incredible crash of thudding flesh and searing spells. You’ll savor the scent of fresh funnel cake on the air! Witness with breathless anticipation as world-renowned troll gladiators put their mojo on the line to clash with magic and might–in style! When the Loa call your name and team spirit fills your thundering heart, nothing’s gonna stop you from leaping into the arena to JOIN the gladiatorial mayhem!”

The expansion will feature 135 brand new cards, a new play setting, and also as expected, new mechanics in the form of Overkill, which according to Blizzard will trigger a bonus effect when a card with the Overkill keyword does damage in excess of their target’s health. There will also be the introduction of the Loas (which are the troll gods), and also Legendary Champions.

The expansion is currently set for a release on the 4th of December and gamers who are interested can pre-purchase it now where for $50, you will get 50 card packs, access to a new Shaman hero in the form of King Rastakhan himself, and also the new “Ready to Rumble!” card back.

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