Several years ago, Konami released a game called P.T. which was basically a playable demo for an upcoming Silent Hill game. That particular Silent Hill title has since been cancelled, but not before making P.T. something of a cult classic as many found the game to be incredibly scary and fun.

Eventually Konami stopped making the demo available, leading to gamers selling their PS4 consoles on eBay with the game preinstalled. There was even a brief scare that suggested that Konami was deleting the game (this was not true), but more recently it appears that there was yet another scare amongst gamers as a rumored update would render the game unplayable, something which Konami has since debunked as false.

In a statement issued to various gaming websites, Konami said, “After our investigation we can confirm that there have been no Konami or PlayStation Network(PSN) update that would have affected or prevent access to the game.” The rumor originated from a post on Reddit in which it was alleged that Konami would be releasing a patch that would disable the game, although exactly why they would do that to begin with is unclear.

In any case the game is still unavailable to those who failed to download the game before it was taken down, and while it’s nice to hear about the game thrust into the spotlight again after all these years, we doubt that Konami has plans to make the demo available again.

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