Earlier this year, SNK officially announced the Neo Geo Mini. For those unfamiliar, the Neo Geo Mini is basically a miniaturized version of the Neo Geo MVS arcade machine that was extremely popular back in the day. The launch of Mini also follows in the footsteps of Nintendo who in the past couple of years have successfully relaunched its older consoles in a similar fashion.

From what we heard, the Neo Geo Mini was extremely successful in Japan and was quickly sold out, and if you’re in the market to try and collect all these “classic” machines, you’ll be interested to learn that a limited edition Christmas model has been announced. The Christmas version features a new coat of paint on both the console and controllers, and will also feature a new mix of titles for gamers to choose from.

The Neo Geo Mini was launched with 40 titles, but the Christmas edition seems to be packing an extra 8 more, bringing it up to a total of 48. We should note that the Christmas edition won’t feature 48 different titles from the Neo Geo Mini. There will still be some titles shared between both consoles, but there will also be more than a handful of new ones.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but given that this is meant to be a Christmas model, we expect that it should be released in the coming weeks ahead of the holiday season.

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