There are some who play games purely for competitive reasons, and there are those who play games because they actually enjoy the story and the characters. Now it is clear that Blizzard’s Overwatch was designed to be a competitive title but at the same time, Blizzard knows that some gamers can appreciate a good backstory.


This is why Blizzard has released various animated shorts and also comics to help impart the lore of Overwatch along with the backstories of its characters. The good news is that if you’re a player who enjoys the lore and stories and PvE content in Overwatch so far, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Blizzard has no plans of stopping.

According to VG247, they spoke to Overwatch’s lead hero designer Geoff Goodman who was quoted as saying, “We have a lot more story involving current day Overwatch with the recall and everything, so we’ve been talking, and I know there’s this hunger to know more about the present of Overwatch and everything. Can’t really reveal anything now, but it is something we’re pursuing.”

As it stands Blizzard still has six new heroes that are in development, and we expect that more lore about those characters will be revealed soon enough.

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