Project Fi, Google’s mobile carrier, can’t make a blanket privacy policy for its network since it actually relies on third-parties like Sprint and T-Mobile for network service. What it can do is improve the security of data before it actually passes through the network. It has thus decided to enhance the VPN technology for Project Fi that’s offered by Google.

The Project Fi VPN is now being extended to all connections as part of the enhanced Fi network that’s now available in beta. Once the enhanced network is enabled, all of the user’s mobile and Wi-Fi traffic will be encrypted and sent through Google’s VPN.

This means that users can have peace of mind on every network that they connect to, which can be many, as Project Fi offers free access to 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots. The VPN has been designed in such a way that the traffic isn’t tied to the user’s Google account or phone number.

Project Fi’s enhanced network also brings seamless handoff between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. If it detects that the Wi-Fi connection has become unusable, it automatically fills in the connection gaps with cellular data. Google says that this has reduced the time without a working connect by up to 40 percent in its testing.

The enhanced network will be rolling out this week for Project Fi users with compatible devices running Android Pie. It can be enabled from the Fi Network Tools in the Project Fi app.

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