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Google Project Fi Now Available On iOS And More Android Phones
Project Fi, Google’s virtual mobile network, has been around for three years but it’s truly being expanded today. The company today announced that it’s rebranding the service to Google Fi. It has also added support for iPhones and more Android devices from different OEMs. This is the first time that Fi will properly support iOS devices.

Google Could Expand Project Fi Support To More Devices
Google’s Project Fi program currently supports pretty much all the Pixel devices as well as some older Nexus handsets. As far as non-Pixel and non-Nexus devices are concerned, there are a handful that are supported, but that could change soon as it has been reported that support for other handsets could be introduced soon.

Project Fi Now Offers Improved Security With Google-Run VPN
Project Fi, Google’s mobile carrier, can’t make a blanket privacy policy for its network since it actually relies on third-parties like Sprint and T-Mobile for network service. What it can do is improve the security of data before it actually passes through the network. It has thus decided to enhance the VPN technology for Project Fi that’s offered by Google.

Google's Fi Offering $20 Credit To Hurricane Florence Affectees
Hurricane Florence has caused a lot of destruction along the U.S. Eastern seaboard. Google wants to make it easier for people in those areas to communicate with their loved ones. Communication is always critical in these situations as it enables people to find out if their friends and family are safe. It also allows for help to be despatched in a timely manner to those who need it the most. […]


Project Fi Text Forwarding Feature Axed
If you rely on the Project Fi text forwarding feature often then you will not be happy to hear that Google has decided to axe it. For those who are unaware, Project Fi is Google’s virtual mobile network and the text forwarding feature will no longer be available to those who are subscribed to this network. It was mentioned previously that this feature would soon be removed.

Project Fi Opens Pre-Orders For LG G7 And V35
Google’s Project Fi wireless service now offers customers looking to switch more flagship device options. They were previously limited to Google’s Pixel smartphones but starting today, customers on Project Fi or those who are looking to switch will be able to get the LG G7 and the LG V35 on the service. It was first confirmed late last month that both of these devices will be added to the lineup […]

Google Adds LG G7, V35, And Moto G6 To Project Fi Lineup
Google will soon offer Project Fi users more choice of devices that they opt for when they jump on its wireless service. It’s adding the latest flagship smartphones from LG to the lineup as well as the Moto G6. Customers’ options were previously limited to Pixel and Nexus devices and the Moto X4. The latest additions to the lineup will certainly entice more people who were considering moving to Project […]

Project Fi Expands International Data Coverage To 170 Countries
Google’s multi-network cell service Project Fi will now offer users international data coverage in more countries across the globe. It previously allowed users to access the service in 135 countries and it how now added more to the list, taking the total up to 170. The good news is that there’s no change to the pricing structure, customers will just have to pay the $10 per GB that they already […]

Moto X4 With Android One Replacing Nexus 5X On Project Fi
Last year it was reported that Google had stopped replacing Nexus 5X units on Project Fi. This means that users who had a damaged unit and wanted to replace it were no longer able to do so. Instead it seems that affected users were simply given $100 in Google Store Credit that they could use to purchase something else.

Project Fi Gets Unlimited Data With Bill Protection
Google’s Project Fi has been a great alternative for those who don’t need a lot of mobile data and want to save money on their phone bill. Google is retaining that quality of Project Fi but it’s now trying to offer the best of both worlds with a new feature called Bill Protection. This feature essentially offers unlimited data to Project Fi subscribers.

Nexus 5X No Longer Replaced Under Project Fi’s Device Protection
Just like AppleCare+ which offers added warranty for the iPhone, Google also offered its customers a similar protection called Nexus Protect for its Nexus devices, or if you purchase it through Project Fi, it’s called Device Protection. However it seems that if you own the Nexus 5X and you’re covered by the plan, here’s some bad news for you.

Project Fi’s Moto X4 Delayed Until Later This Month
Towards the end of September, Motorola unveiled the Android One Moto X4 handset which will also be launched on Google’s Project Fi carrier network. Upon announcing the handset, it was available for pre-order and was supposed to begin shipping out to customers around this time, but unfortunately it has since run into some delays.

Google’s Project Fi Accidentally Notifies Users Of Throttling
Quite a few carriers these days offer their users unlimited data plans, although in reality these unlimited plans usually come with a soft cap in which if users cross over, their speeds will be throttled. However for the most part these caps are quite high where most users will probably never hit it.

Google Could Have A Trade-In Program For Project Fi
Carriers have long offered their customers trade-in programs where users after a certain amount of time, customers have the option of swapping out their older phone for a newer device, which is one of the ways to encourage customers to keep using the carrier’s network and services. Now it looks like Google’s Project Fi could start accepting trade-ins as well.

Android One Moto X4 Officially Launched
It was reported recently that an Android One version of the Moto X4 could be launched soon. The reports have turned out to be true. The Android One Moto X4 has been launched on Project Fi, Google’s prepaid carrier. Project Fi customers now have access to a cheaper device as the only phones available until recently that were compatible on Fi were the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google Providing $20 Project Fi Service Credit To Users In Hurricane Harvey Areas
Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas a couple of days back. It has caused a lot of problems for tens of thousands of people in the state. Many have been forced out of their homes due to urban flooding. Some major tech companies are doing their bit to help people in the affected areas. Google is helping out by providing $20 Project Fi credit for free to users in those […]

Moto X4 Rumored To Be Project FI’s Next Compatible Device
When Project Fi was first launched, the most affordable handset that was supported on the network was the Nexus 5X, but given that the phone has since been listed as out of stock, this leaves customers with only the Pixel handsets, which isn’t exactly what many would consider to be an affordable device.

Mid-Tier Project Fi Handset Set For Launch Later This Year
We know that Google has attempted to try and be its own carrier with the launch of Project Fi. However it seems that their efforts are pretty slow because not many devices support Project Fi at the moment, and the ones that do are pretty much all high-end handsets, like the Pixel devices, meaning that those on a budget will be missing out.

Google Project Fi LTE Calls Being Tested
Google’s Project Fi might be a good option for those who don’t want to be stuck with a conventional carrier but they do have to trade the very crisp-sounding LTE voice calls that are possible on conventional mobile networks like T-Mobile. However, that’s an adjustment that they will no longer have to make in the future because Google has started testing LTE voice calls for Project Fi.

Project-Fi Vending Machine Spotted At San José International Airport
The next time you are at the San José International Airport, you might want to keep an eye out for the vending machine pictured to your right. As you can tell, this isn’t your typical vending machine where you get to buy food or drinks. Instead this is Google’s Project-Fi vending machine that dispenses things that might come in handy for your travel.