A Sega arcade classic is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. It has been confirmed that Out Run will be released for Nintendo’s gaming console as part of the console’s Sega Ages lineup. The 3D driving game will be joining the lineup on the Japanese eShop before the end of this year. Some details are missing from the announcement, though.

It hasn’t been revealed precisely when the title will be listed on the Japanese eShop before the end of this year. There’s also a question that many are interested in. That’s whether or not this title will be released to players in the west before the end of 2018 as well.

Out Run was first released for arcades way back in 1986. The title is going to be modernized before its release on the Nintendo Switch. It picks up 60fps, widescreen support in addition to gyro controls to recreate the arcade steering feel. All of the original tunes will be included aside from the tune-up features. Music from the 3D Classics version that was released on the 3DS in 2015 is included too.

The Sega classic Out Run for the Nintendo Switch is going to cost 925 yen or a little over $8. Information about its launch in other markets will hopefully be revealed soon.

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