Back in 2017 during BlizzCon 2017, the company officially announced that they will be launching servers dedicated to hosting the vanilla version of World of Warcraft, also known as World of Warcraft Classic. However Blizzard did caution that the game could take a while to be launched, and it looks like players will still need to wait a bit.

If you were hoping that the game and its servers would be going live anytime soon, you will be disappointed to learn that during BlizzCon 2018, the company announced that World of Warcraft Classic will only be launching come summer of 2019. No specific dates were mentioned, which means that players could potentially be waiting until September 2019 before they’ll be able to play the game.

There have been many players who feel that Blizzard’s been making the game too “easy” over the years. It is understandable why they might do that, because they might be trying to encourage new players to join the game to help boost subscriptions, although some veteran players feel that this ends up spoon feeding players.

Fans eventually created their own vanilla servers which Blizzard shut down, although it seems that some good came out of that as Blizzard recognized the demand for it. Whether or not this translates into actual active players remains to be seen.

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