It’s still not too common to see multi-gigapixel images but they are gradually becoming so. Such images can cover incredible distances and include exceptional details which can be revealed by zooming in. China’s Jingkun Technology a.k.a Bigpixel Studio has captured a 195 billion pixel image of Shanghai which shows incredible detail.

The image was shot from the top of Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower and the team required two months of data processing to stitch it all together. As can be expected from images that have been stitched at such a massive scale, there are some glitches. You may see the same person in multiple images or two shots that have been blended together by the software.

These glitches are few and far between, though. As previously mentioned, this image offers incredible detail, so much so that you can zoom in and read the license plate of a car. The company hasn’t said what camera and lens it used to create this image but it goes without saying that this was achieved using specialist equipment.

The full image is obviously too large to be posted here. You can experience this image on the company’s online tool which also allows you to zoom in and see just how much detail has been captured in this image for yourself.

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