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OPPO's 10X Optical Zoom: How It WorksEditor's Pick
10X zoom would allow you to capture vivid moments when it is impossible to get closer to the subject, whether it is wildlife, a concert or some other public event.

Heavy Photo Filtering Destroys Data. ForeverEditor's Pick
Some smartphones use intense in-camera automatic image filtering, well beyond what is necessary to capture the scene’s color and details. The real issue with aggressive filtering is that it can irremediably destroy data on the only copy of the photo you’ll ever have.

Night Photography: Brighter Is Not Always BetterEditor's Pick
Excellent low-light photography is the most sought-after quality in a smartphone camera. For many users, it has become a proxy for “how good” a camera really is, and therefore a proxy of its (monetary) value.

195 Billion Pixel Image Of Shanghai Shows Incredible Detail
It’s still not too common to see multi-gigapixel images but they are gradually becoming so. Such images can cover incredible distances and include exceptional details which can be revealed by zooming in. China’s Jingkun Technology a.k.a Bigpixel Studio has captured a 195 billion pixel image of Shanghai which shows incredible detail.


Sony a9 Review: Hands-On
In April 2017, Sony unveiled the Sony Alpha a9, its flagship full frame mirrorless camera. Equipped with the world’s first 24.2 Megapixel full-frame stacked CMOS sensor and the new BIONZ X processor, the Sony a9 delivers silent and blackout-free continuous shooting at 20 fps at full resolution with a buffer of 241 RAW and 362 JPG. After shooting 241 RAW and 362 JPG the camera slows down and stop shooting […]

NVIDIA Ansel: A Great In-Game Virtual Camera
NVIDIA has just announced Ansel, a fun in-game virtual digital camera that changes the way gamers snap “screenshots”. So much so in fact that the word “screenshot” shouldn’t really be used. The camera can output humongous captures (~60000×40000 pixels), and can snap 360 VR shots as well [photo credit: Anshel Sag].

How To Sell Your Photos Online
Photography is a skill that not everyone can hone to a professional level. Photographers see the world from a completely different angle and capture it in their photos to mesmerize the public. If you are one, then you must be looking to share your creativity as well. Better yet, you might like to get paid for your handy work.Fortunately, there are many online websites that will let you upload pictures […]

Tree-Pod: A Tripod That Lets You Rise Above The Crowd To Take Your Shots
When covering popular events, photographers have to face a lot of difficulty because of the huge crowds. In fact, if you are a photographer and you somehow ended up at the back of the crowd, you can forget about getting any clears shots of the stage.Tree-pod is a unique tripod that helps you tackle such situations. It is a tripod that can be compacted to a height of a mere […]

Sony NEX-F3 Review
With the release of the Sony NEX-F3 camera, Sony Electronics is basically refreshing its entry-level compact and interchangeable camera offering. The overall goal of the release is to offer the latest software updates in terms of effects and image analysis and processing to a form factor that continues to rise in popularity. While the hardware and the image quality itself is not so different from the now retired NEX-C3, the […]

Sony Cyber-Shot HX30V and HX20V: high-powered zoom and low-light photography
With the Sony HX30V and HX20V, Sony aims to bring highly desired features like high-powered zoom and very good low-light capabilities into a compact form-factor that consumers are accustomed to. Unlike their HX200V cousin, the HX30V and HX20V are definitely compact, although Sony has thinner and lighter models. In some ways, you can think of those as Sony’s “muscle compact cameras”.  Both models are nearly identical with a 3” display […]

Sony Cyber-Shot HX200V with 30X optical zoom
Standing at the top of Sony’s H-series (H for High-powered zoom) the Sony HX200V features a 30X optical zoom that captures an image from an 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor. It can also use a digital zoom (Sony’s Clear Image Zoom) to capture the equivalent of a 60X zoom image. Sony says that its Clear Image Zoom is much fancier than the plain magnification often used in consumer cameras. When it […]

“Women of The World” mobile application by the World Bank and Fotopedia
The World Bank is using technology very creatively to support its #thinkEQUAL campaign, an initiative that aims to increase awareness of progress in gender equality on our planet.  We reported about the Open Forum , an online event hosted on the World Bank Live website every year, to address major social and economical issues. The 2011 session was dedicated to #thinkEQUAL .To continue to support the #thinkEQUAL campaign, the institution […]

Triggertrap is now up for pre-order
Back in June we reported on a certain device called the Triggertrap. Basically what it does is it allows photographers to set up their camera along with the Triggertrap and release the shutter in a number of different ways. This includes triggers such as sound or by breaking a laser beam.

Hipstamatic could unveil new iPhone photography app next week
If you own the iPhone or an iOS device, you’re probably familiar with photography apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram, both of which have helped to launch the iPhone as a legit and serious photo taking device that could possibly replace the need for a point and shoot camera. The good news for fans of the Hipstamatic app is that it seems the company has an event planned for the […]

GoPano micro for iPhone now available
iPhone photographers or regular readers to our site may remember the GoPano micro iPhone accessory. We reported about this Kickstarter project earlier in the year and if you have taken a fancy to this little accessory for your iPhone, the good news is that the project has taken off and the GoPano is now available for purchase!

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit will please lomography fans out there
Interested in taking lomo photographs? Well, instead of spending money on a lomo camera or on a variety of apps that promise lomo filters and effects, how about spending money on this Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit? As pictured above, it does exactly what you’re thinking it does, and that is to take lomo-styled photographs.

Portable light box for photographers on the go
A light box is a photographers tool which they use in order to photograph small items, such as cellphones, tablets, watches, perfume, etc. The point of the light box is that it will allow for multiple light sources to come in, but at the same time diffuse it in order to cast a softer light and reduce shadows that may otherwise ruin a perfectly good photo. If you’re a traveling […]

Olympus E-P3 Review
Olympus E-P3 Review - It is true that it classic looks inspire confidence, but can such a small camera deliver a professional quality?

Nikon 1 micro camera with interchangeable lenses
Nikon has officially launched its Nikon 1 camera system. It was revealed during a gala in Australia and the official news came to us via email shortly after.  We’ve reported on the rumors for a while, but the real thing has finally appeared in all its glory. Nikon 1 is a micro-camera that uses a 10.1 megapixel 13.2×8.88mm CMOS sensor and a Nikon 1 mount (yes, it’s new). It can […]

Samsung WB750 - A compact camera with low-light abilities
At first sight, the Samsung WB750 looks like many other recent compact cameras: it has a thin design, a large 3” LCD display (480×320) in the back and few manual controls on its body. However, the real coolness of the Samsung WB750 is its sensor. This camera uses a Back Side Illuminated (BSI) image sensor which is much more sensitive to light than standard ones.The idea behind BSI is that […]