Epic has recently announced an update to Fortnite Battle Royale on iOS where they will be giving gamers the option of playing it in 60fps, resulting in a much smoother gaming experience. Unfortunately for Android gamers, if you were hoping that 60fps options would be headed your way soon, think again.

According to Epic, “However, we know our Android players are curious about whether they’ll see the same improvements. While we don’t currently have a timeline, the team is working on Android optimizations together with phone manufacturers, that will hopefully allow us to support 60 FPS on certain high-end Android devices.”

Given that Android devices are extremely varied in terms of the hardware specs that they use, we imagine that trying to optimize for a multitude of devices is a lot trickier compared to iPhones which tend to be pretty standard across the board. This isn’t to say that 60fps options won’t be coming to Android at all, just don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

That being said, gamers on iOS should also note that running that game at 60fps does require more processing power, which in turn could also result in your device getting hotter to the touch, and also faster battery drain, so these are things to consider if you want to enable the feature.

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