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Epic Continues To Troll Apple With ‘Free Fortnite’ Campaign
As many of you are probably aware by now, Apple and Epic are locked in a legal battle over Fortnite Battle Royale, where Epic seemingly does not want to pay Apple a cut for their in-app purchases. To that end, Epic has gone on to launch several campaigns targeting companies like Apple and Google.

Fortnite Gets A New Performance Mode On PCs
If there is a reason why Fortnite is as popular as it is, it is because the game is playable across multiple platforms. It also doesn’t have a particularly high set of system requirements which means that those on older PCs can play it as well, although not necessarily at the most ideal settings.

Epic Launches ‘Fortnite Crew’ Subscription Service
Earlier this month, it was rumored that Epic could be considering launching a subscription service for its Fortnite game. This subscription would grant players a steady stream of in-game cash as well as other perks. Turns out the rumors were right on the money as Epic has since announced the subscription service which they are calling Fortnite Crew.

Fortnite Could Be Getting A Subscription Service
For many years, developers have been adapting the free-to-play model in which the game costs nothing to download and to play, but gamers have the option of spending real-life money on things like costumes, skins, weapons, boosts, and so on, allowing developers to earn more money than they normally would.


Fortnite Will Be Coming Back On iOS, Kind Of
It wasn’t too long ago that Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store for violating the App Store’s terms of service. Both companies are now locked in a rather heated lawsuit and to be honest, we have no idea when it will come to an end, which means that for now, Fortnite won’t be playable through iOS devices.

Don’t Expect Fortnite Back In The App Store Until 2021 At The Earliest
As many of you have heard, Apple and Epic are in an epic (pun intended) legal battle over Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic had filed for a preliminary injunction against Apple’s removal of the app in the App Store, but it looks like Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers has denied their request for it.

Don’t Install iOS 14 If You Want To Keep Fortnite
As the legal battle between Apple and Epic continues, it seems that those of you who still have Fortnite installed on their iPhones or iPads might want to stay away from the iOS 14 update. This is according to a tweet by the Fortnite Status account who claims that updating to iOS 14 could result in the app being uninstalled.

Epic Gamers Can Still ‘Sign In With Apple’...For Now
Yesterday it appeared that Apple was planning to terminate the ability for Epic gamers to “Sign in with Apple”. This would have come into effect on the 11th of September, but it looks like Apple might have had a change of heart because the company has since delayed the termination of the feature.

‘Sign In With Apple’ No Longer Available For Epic Games Account
It seems that the legal battle between Apple and Epic just got a little more petty because according to a tweet by Epic, it seems that Apple has removed the ability for users to “Sign In With Apple” to their Epic Games accounts. This means that after the 11th of September, gamers will need to update their account email address and password to ensure that they won’t lose access to […]

Apple Is Now Suing Epic For Monetary Damages Over Fortnite
The legal battle between Apple and Epic is starting to grow a bit out of hand. Epic has recently filed a motion that could force Apple to allow Fortnite back into the App Store, and now according to a report from Reuters, it looks like Apple has turned the tables and is now countersuing Epic.

Epic Is Demanding Fortnite To Be Allowed Back Into Apple’s App Store
A couple of weeks ago, after a judge granted Apple a temporary relief and stated that they did not have to allow Fortnite back into the App Store, it appears that Epic isn’t too thrilled by that decision and have since filed a preliminary injunction in which they are seeking that the courts force Apple to allow Fortnite back into the App Store and to restore its developer account.

Apple Just Terminated Epic’s Developer Account
It looks like things between Apple and Epic have gotten worse as Apple has since officially terminated Epic’s developer account. What this means is that if you have downloaded any of Epic’s games in the past but have removed them from your iPhone or iPad, then you would be out of luck as you will now no longer be able to redownload them.

Fortnite Is No Longer Cross-Platform Compatible With iOS And Mac
As the spat between Apple and Epic deepens, it seems that gamers on iOS and Mac are being caught in the crossfire because Epic has since confirmed that in an upcoming update to the game, Fortnite will no longer be cross-platform compatible with iOS and Mac devices.

Fortnite Won’t Be Returning To The Apple App Store Anytime Soon
A couple of weeks ago, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store due to Epic’s violation of the App Store agreement. Epic sued Apple over the removal of Fortnite and seeked a temporary injunction in which it could force Apple to allow Fortnite to return to the App Store while the lawsuit continues.

Apple Claims Epic Wanted A ‘Special Deal’ For Fortnite
Apple and Epic are currently engaged in a ferocious legal battle that could change the way the App Store works in a rather drastic way. Epic’s position is that they’re fighting for the rights of other developers to create apps without Apple taking such a massive cut from in-app purchases, but Apple is arguing otherwise.

Hitman 3 For PC Will Be Exclusive To The Epic Games Store
When games are released on the PC, they typically can be bought from multiple places, either from the developer/publisher directly, or through online distribution platforms. However, in the case of IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman 3, it seems that the game will be released on PC as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Apple Is Adamant That They Will Not Make An Exception For Epic
If you thought that maybe Apple and Epic would come to some kind of settlement agreement over Fortnite soon, think again. In a statement released to The Verge, it seems that Apple has no plan to make an exception for a company like Epic, whose Fortnite title was bringing in a ton of money for the company due to in-app purchases.

Apple Is Apparently Threatening To Pull Epic’s Developer’s Accounts
It looks like the spat between Apple and Epic is deepening. Last week, Apple removed the game from the App Store which was quickly followed by Epic suing Apple. Now according to Epic, they are alleging that Apple is “retaliating” against them by revoking their access to Apple’s development tools.

iPhones With Fortnite Installed Are Popping Up On eBay
As most of you would have heard by now, Fortnite has been removed from the iOS App Store. This is due to Epic’s decision to attempt to bypass Apple’s in-app purchase system, which Apple claims is a violation of the terms of service. Epic had stated that those who already downloaded the game can keep playing it, but will not be able to access new content in the future.

Following Its Removal, Fortnite Players Are Now Stuck In A Bind
As many of you would have undoubtedly heard by now, Fortnite has been removed from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Now, the removal from the Play Store isn’t that big of a deal as players can still download the game directly from Epic, so what does this removal mean for iOS gamers?